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someone hacked [Sunday August 20 2006 @ 5:39pm]
So I move.

Add me there.
01 dirty little boy

BARCELONA [Sunday August 13 2006 @ 2:07am]
We drove to Jersey and back in one day only to see FC Barcelona kick the shit out of some crap NY football team... Red Bulls or something to that effect. Score was 4 - 1, and WE WERE IN THE FIRST ROW! Granted, we were at a corner post, but it was still awesome because, since they are so amazing, as in literally the current best club team in the world, Ronaldinho was a mere 20 feet away from me for about 46 minutes straight (first half).

We were surrounded by fellow brown people, which was funny. Some really wierd people had front row seats like us, but didnt show up till after the 2nd half began... isn't that odd? Jesus, people, it's the front row! And it's RONALDINHO! The announcer at the end of the game said, "Giants Stadium capacity is 80,000 people. THere are currently 79,002 people in the audience." So those seats were cash money. If you're not going to show up, then scalp them!

When Ronaldinho left the field in the 2nd half, I grabbed the binoculars which are super-strength, and totally followed him off the field into TOTAL SHIRTLESSNESS. Got to love that footballers body. Because I do. I do love it.

Well, here are some of my fuzzy phone pictures. I only love him because he's so amazing at what he does! He's cute, but in that endearing, "YOU ARE SO GOOD AT WHAT YOU DO" kind of way. I'll have better photos at a later date.


You did trip Eto'o. Help him up, lowly unknown footballer.

02 dirty little boy

Another Jewish perspective on Israel's attacks on citizens [Wednesday August 09 2006 @ 6:22pm]
Let me preface this lj cut with;

The author is the son of an Israeli. I noticed many people have doubted my assertions that the majority of Israeli's are protesting their governments deplorable actions in Lebanese citizens. Here is a little proof, and an insightful article by Jonathan Tasini. Again, for the un- or mis-informed who'd like to learn some more.

Here's my favourite excerpt;
I would end with this thought: As a Jew, I have always been proud of the Jewish concept of “Tikkun Olam” or “repairing the world.” I like to think that that is what brought so many Jews into the civil rights and labor movements in the 1960s and 1970s, and into the current anti-war movement—and, personally, guided me into the world of social justice work. I feel great sorrow that Israel is an occupier of another people and I believe that Israel can never be whole and can never be at peace until that occupation is ended in a just way. And I also believe that the concept of Tikkun Olam means that we must never be silent.

Read on...

On Israel, We Must Never Be SilentCollapse )

In other news... I got to see one of my secret favourite bands from high school perform in Buffalo -- This Bike is a Pipe Bomb. Ironically, another punk band is performing in Medina on the 19th of August (right after I return to Buffalo for good) that I loved in high school. I'm really psyched! Vanessa took me, and we saw many friends there... Mike, Daisy, Vincent, and Mhairi. It was a good time.

I'm back in Binghamton, and excited to see all my friends for the last time this year... especially MIKE K! He who surprised me so by confessing his love for NPR and being so well informed on the Israel/Lebanon conflict. He's buying the wine and I'm bringing the glasses for a bit of long conversation tomorrow evening. Very good news. He will be so missed by everyone, especially me. At least I might be able to visit while I'm in Scotland. That'll be saaaahWEET.

Alright, am leaving. Read: John Fante. Off to: Allison's house for hugs. A bientot!
02 dirty little boy

CAIRO [Sunday July 23 2006 @ 5:24am]
I've arrived in Cairo safe and sound, and the Arab League talks are relocated to Italy, so I'm not so worried any longer.

It's 12:30 in the afternoon here, and 100 degrees so far. Time for a 3-hour drive to Alexandria! I'll eat some authentic arabi falafel and let you know how it goes. PAYCE.
04 dirty little boy

Jonathan attempted to lift my spirits... [Saturday July 15 2006 @ 4:07pm]
[ mood | generically despondent ]

My away message read:

as usual, Israel is acting like a 12 year old gang member with a gun.

Jesus fucking Christ, if they acted like a damned COUNTRY they might not be catching shit from every country on earth for bombing civilians in Lebanon. If we wanted more terrorists, we'd ask Saudi Arabia.

Jonathan comments:

j0nnyj0nj0n: dear saudi arabia, please send terrorists. thanks.
sophia sophocles: love, georgie
j0nnyj0nj0n: haha
j0nnyj0nj0n: georgie porgie

George Bush gave a speech next to Putin, and he said, "We need to examine where the violence started from. It started because HEZBOLLAH BLAH BLAH ISLAMIC BLAH BLAH JIHAD BLAH BLAH DEMOCRACY DEMOCRACY DEMOCRACY FREEDOM the end."

I was laughing my ass off -- Noelle, will you help me make visual aids on the history of imperialism in the Middle East, and its effects in the post-colonial societies therein? I think Mr. Bush needs a little private tutorial - Jesus, the Israelis would be shitting themselves laughing at that idiot if they weren't too busy trying to protect their families.

Power to the students in Israel protesting right now; power to those Syrians, Lebanese, Egyptians, Palestinians, and other general Arabians protesting right now; and someone please remind Israel and Hezbollah that people like, live where they're bombing.

04 dirty little boy

first of all [Friday July 14 2006 @ 10:04pm]
Johnny Cash is kicking the shit out of the angel Gabriel for slacking on his watch of the Comfort Inn ad executives.

Also, my 434320343 photos of Ayla and I posing in strategic areas in Paris will soon be aired nationwide via my nearly vacated livejournal. That is, once I unpack my shit, repack for Egypt, and manage to find an hour to sprint over to the nearest mom and pop photo lab. So you may not see anything (or hear any stories, for that matter) until I move into my room, settle into my job, and unpack my Egypt shit in Buffalo.

Still, until Wednesday, I'll be here. I plan on doing nothing but gardening, reading A Confederacy of Dunces over and over (thanks Ayla), jotting down numbers for the Scotland/Ireland/England backpacking trip next summer, and shaving my legs on a regular schedule. It's a deal I made with myself.
dirty little boy

this is my new-old camera [Tuesday April 18 2006 @ 5:00pm]
[ mood | cameras ]

The film is a bitch to load, since I had to buy the authentic 600 metal film spools and go into a dark room to re-spool modern 120 film onto the old spools. But the pictures... holy shit. They are gorgeous. As you can see, the flash bulb has never been used, and I'm just so excited to bring this to Paris with Ayla and I to document our two week vacation.

Of course, this adds yet another expense to the vacation. I need to ask Jean-Charles if there are any rented dark rooms in the 5ème. I think the rue Mouffetard might be my best shop, but this means I'll need to bring MORE clothes, unless I want to reek of developers everytime I make prints.

Come to think of it, I don't know where in the heck I'm going to rent a dark room in Buffalo, either. In Binghamton, I can generally hit up my high school without anyone noticing me (since the dark room is in the basement), but I already have a few spools here that'll need to be developed within a week. WHERE CAN I USE A DARK ROOM IN BUFFALO, ANYONE?


Oh duh, the camera make is a Kodak Brownie Reflex 20. Hence the film troubles -- they stopped making 600-speed film in the early 1960's, so I have to respool 120-speed (which they still make) onto the metal 600 spools.

09 dirty little boy

p.s. [Monday April 17 2006 @ 12:01am]

Jimmy Morgan's nasal organ has a purple hue!

the dirt poor citizens of New York City, circa the late 1800's.

(Is there a sneaking, creepy hand in there, or is this a product of my poor eyesight?)

Yes, that's right. Our favourite banker, J.P. Morgan, was born on this day sometime in the early 19th century. And he had a skin condition. Ew.

The song, as you should note, is symbolic.

charles. [Wednesday April 05 2006 @ 8:16am]
Algernon Charles Swinburne was born today, in 1837. The same date that Pocahantas, that bald ho, married John Rolfe, in 1614 AND the same date that Booker T. Washington was born in 1856.

But who gives a shit about those assholes. Swinburne is so hot;

Ah, with blind lips I felt for you, and found
About my neck your hands and hair enwound,
The hands that stifle and the hair that stings,
I felt them fasten sharply without sound.

02 dirty little boy

outside of Khan el Khalili [Friday February 17 2006 @ 1:34am]
Elizabeth and I were in Italy, at a discotheque.
I wanted to dance
sooo badly
She didn't want to dance yet though
We argued because I was pressuring her to dance,
she stormed away in tears and I was mad
Marco said;
"What ees thee matterr?"
We made up 5 minutes later on the balcony and danced like maniacs till the football players left. I mean soccer. Hola Madrid!

Let me play Elias Khoury here.

When you're in Alexandria, the Egyptian cab drivers are maniacs. Everyone is a maniac. No traffic lights, no crosswalks, 5 lane roads, no speed limits. In front of my uncle's apartment, one person is hit every day crossing from the beach. The sea is always dirty and beautiful, so the poor children run around to play when they don't have to work. I like to stick my head out of the cab window and peer at the sky. It's dotted with red and purple and green and dragons and penguins (penguins!!!) and Mufasa. All these kites dancing around in the sky because the only breeze in Egypt comes off the Mediterranean and everyone can have a kite.

dirty little boy

'Tis true I've more cunning than all your dull tribe.... [Saturday December 22 1979 @ 10:01am]
The rain is nearly out. Rumbling cloudcasts make the window panes shudder, just.

friends only, please.
inquire within.

Oer yw'r eglwys heb ddim offeiriad.
04 dirty little boy

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